Air Traffic Collision Avoidance and Warning System (ATCAWS), a future ready airborne collision avoidance system designed to minimize mid-air collisions enhanced by horizontal resolution advisories along with vertical resolution advisories so as to bring about maximum separation between own aircraft and the intruding aircraft(s). The system is also designed to automatically intimate the respective Air Traffic Control about the Resolution Advisories and Traffic Advisories issued to the intruding aircrafts.


  • Horizontal Separation Logic
  • Automatic Intimation of the RA to the ATC
  • Dynamic flight phase analysis providing altitude variant advisories
  • Traffic and altitude variant advisory combinations
  • Ingests data from both ADS-B and Transponder


  • Achieves effective separation
  • Better time management
  • Active surveillance during all flight phases
  • Improved separation logic which provides a safe path during parallel approach
  • Efficient handling of multiple threats
atcaws concept