fLight dAta downliNk systEm

fLight dAta downliNk systEm (LANE) is an advanced global flight tracking, monitoring and surveillance system that enables live transmission of data over a secure and reliable link, stored in the flight recorder between the on board unit and the ground based storage of LANE, allowing authorized personnel access to this sensitive data for evaluation/emergency situations/incident management which can create a sense of security among passengers while boarding an aircraft, knowing that the system can predict an issue and help Very any disasters. LANE integrates flight, audio and video data under one platform thereby enhancing operations and safety.


  • Carrier agnostic connectivity
  • Complete backup of all the data stored in the flight recorder.
  • Data transfer up to 2048 wps.
  • High quality recording on all four audio channels.
  • Live video feed upon emergency at 1FPS.
  • Dual compression and encryption.
  • SWIM compliant.


  • Data can be parsed and segregated per manufacture.
  • Telemetry shared across
    • Airline
    • Manufacturer
    • Authorized Government Agencies
  • Global coverage makes LANE
    • Secure
    • Redundant
    • Reliable

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